The holiday season is a great time to reflect on this year's achievements and all the people who made it possible - including your amazing staff.

One of The Social Market Foundation (SMF) studies has proven that employees are up to 20% more productive when they feel valued, happy and content. So how can you show your employees some appreciation this Christmas and make them feel extra warm and fuzzy during next year? 

Spread The Seasonal Joy With HKeeper Software!

Show your respect for each of your team members with HKeeper - a personal virtual assistant that helps them to do their jobs easier, be more productive, spend less time with manual processes and more time on tasks that delight guests. Plus, direct communication in any language with all hotel staff that creates a safer environment for employees.

Defining Happiness In The Workplace 

Using HKeeper, each employee gets the ability to document an event or an action digitally, take photographs, add remarks, and record all questions regarding guests' requests by using the language of symbols and all they need to do is select the needed pictogram and send it! It's just that simple.  

Putting HKeeper on a holiday gift goes a long way and shows that you appreciate each employee as professionals.

The holiday spirit is in the air!

We all know guests are the foundation of the hotel business and your staff are the internal structures, so make them feel valued, respected and important because, without them, your enterprise wouldn't be possible. 

Using the full HKeeper platform gives your team a possibility to start their day with a smile on their faces and be eager to come into work to discover that they have all the needed tools to operate at peak performance by being completely in sync with each other.

HKeeper wishes for you to start the New Year by saving time, communicating seamlessly, reducing operating expenses, improving service delivery and being happy! 

We wish you a very happy HKeeper year!