COVID-19 forced many hotels and other operating businesses to change their day-to-day habits and adapt to new standards. The hotel business that we thought always depended on customer feedback and provided services now depends mainly on Cleanliness and Sanitary conditions. 

Today's situation showed that the market is full of digital tools to sell, promote, track guest satisfaction, etc., but none of them relates to back-house management.

"Transferring all manual processes to digital mode and especially digitalizing a backhouse may radically change the game for the hospitality industry,” — says Svetlana Udalov, CEO & Founder of HKeeper, US LLC.

Today, there are many companies, associations, industry experts, and volunteering mentoring programs trying to spread awareness about hospitality digitalization by offering them free tailored advice.

We want to announce our collaboration with Hotel Force, a volunteer mentoring program, endeavored by hospitality professionals in order to actively support independent hotels and B & Bs to accelerate their recovery. And if you are a hotelier and want to know more about hospitality digitalization, affordable current tools to reduce operational costs, increase guests satisfaction, and interested in free mentoring, please register HERE.