The Challenge 

It happens. Rooms are not ready in time. Important information goes missing. Luggage is lost. There is a host of issues hotel staff may encounter even before guests’ arrival to a hotel. With stress levels heightened, hotel front desk agents encounter their fair share of guest’s impatient attitudes and demanding requests. And a Front Desk Manager is typically the first person, who should solve and coordinate all of those problems above in a timely, efficient and courteous manner. 

According to Amber Twigg, Front Desk Manager at Katerina Hotel Orlando, her average day is like a marathon with a phone or portable radio. She’s running around the hotel fixing problems and passing information and tasks between departments due to a lack of direct communication between them. 

”Likewise, if the guest has a problem with any of the hotel amenities, the front desk associate also empowered to address and resolve the issue or to get resolution from management or another department,” says Twigg.

The Solution

After the hotel owner decided to set the HKeeper software - the situation fundamentally changed. Using HKeeper from the hotel's guest requests, engineering reports, work orders, and its additional data-tracking applications gave an ability to see all requests as soon as they come in, right on staff’s mobile devices. 

”When we started to use HKeeper, communication between departments increased instantly. The digital logbook joined all departments and now we work together as a real team. With the dashboard view of HKeeper, we are able to be more hands-on with guests if any questions arise and can quickly address it. Without the hassle of any paper, post-it notes or phone calls we can quickly get the necessary information out to the right department and with the useful logbook, no information is ever lost again. Having a one-stop-shop for all necessary actions whether it is reporting an issue or reviewing a room cleaning gives us a great advantage in service and we can meet, greet and check out guests with complete control. Making sure that we go beyond their expectations while staying with us, ” — Twigg said. 

With the ability of HKeeper software to track and automate the day-to-day tasks of hotels, manage employees, as well as receive requests from a guest at the same place, hotel’s employees may do their job less stressful and more effective. 

The Results

In the first three weeks of using, the HKeeper reduced the guest’s complaint rate as never before. The software allowed the hotel's staff, from the front desk to the back-of-house employees, to provide services anywhere the guests are, resulting in more satisfied customers without any additional equipment.  

And — which is more — employees are no longer tied down to their workplace and can control workflow wherever they may be.