With Hkeeper, you’ll instantly gain the ability to see what is happening in your property; know exactly what your workforce is doing; track the material usage and much more.

In other words, you will have visibility on every aspect of the operational management in real-time and be present everywhere at the same time!

Using HKeeper, you will avoid unnecessary problems related to the human factor and lack of collaboration between departments. HKeeper will optimize all daily routine processes, improve your guest relations quality, and free up more time for working with projects and vendors.

Hkeeper is one of the best tools for managing the personnel at the hotel. With HKeeper, you can streamline the workflow, reduce the turnaround time in between the execution of the tasks, and increase employee productivity by 30%.

How? HKeeper monitors working progress in real-time and analyzes staff performance by counting productive working time, time spent moving in between the execution of the tasks, and tracks the time required for each task to perform.

Not to mention the Inventory module in HKeeper. Within the Inventory module, you will see your stock balances and material usage for each performed task by day, week, month, and yearly.

Another exceptional option is that HKeeper's mobile application can work offline, and you will not depend on the quality of Wi-Fi on your property.

The implementation process is straightforward and does not require the presence of HKeeper specialists on the site - we will do everything remotely.

One or two days are necessary to set up the program, including rooms in the property, employees list, task settings features, inventory, and configuration with PMS if necessary.

Training for the managers and supervisors take only one day, and it takes a couple of hours to train the rest of the staff how to use the mobile app. The whole implementation process is free of charge.

Also, we offer a complimentary one-month trial period, during which we do the fine-tuning.

The only thing you have to do is to schedule a demo presentation to become more familiar with HKeeper and to start to orchestrate your business!