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Amazing features

Provides real-time visual reports that show current progress levels on tasks and data collected from all departments at a glance, giving you a snapshot of your current performance.
The main page where you can create, monitor and edit Housekeeping, Maintenance and To Do tasks in real-time. Prioritize and schedule them, and send special alerts for high-priority tasks.
Keeps an electronic record of all important information in one place and visible by all departments. Records are organized by date, time, author, room number and include smart filters.
Real time messaging allows all level employees and to communicate instantly regarding tasks, reporting, and progress updates
A user-friendly application that allows employees to receive cleaning, maintenance and to-do tasks in real time. No more paper, phone calls or lost tasks!
Main tool for a supervisor to track, inspect, and evaluate all assigned tasks in real time. In addition, with the ability to add a new task and send messages on the go.
Consists of a list of all rooms and other areas on the property. Through the room list a user can access each room, make changes in the room description and create remarks.
Allows you to monitor materials moving in and out of the stock in real time. It also includes analysis reports, lot tracking, and support to help with cycle counting.
Allows you to analyze the workflow both from the perspective of spent human resources, material resources and task performance.
Gives an option to track lost & found items that have been stored, and you can manage them at any time. Keep historical data on each item without a time limit.
With help of the employees module you can create a list of employees, manage their responsibilities, and determine how much access they have to information within HKeeper.
The media page collects all photos taken in rooms during tasks or while creating tasks, so you can easily get a visual presentation of the property
From January 1st 2018 to
Cleaning tasks performed
Maintenance tasks resolved
Hours Saved
trees Saved
inked saved(ml)
Based on 1000 rooms

What makes HKeeper different?

HKeeper is a real time task management solution allowing you to control your property at a glance and with ease through a browser or a smartphone.

With multiple features HKeeper allows you to organize your daily workflow and projects. Saving time, energy and money while improving workflow, productivity and recognizing negative trends is the goal, and we present the solution.

HKeeper is a Cost Killer that will Reduce Hotel Expenses Up To 30%!

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Svetlana Udalov
Founder and CEO
  • Chief Architect for HKeeper
  • Defines the development directions of HKeeper
  • Over 20 years of leadership experience
  • Master's Degree in Law
  • Master's Degree in Management
  • Bachelor's Degree in architecture
Alexey Eshchenko
Co-Founder and CTO
  • Organizes the work of engineers team creating unique software code HKeeper
  • Over 20 years of experience in programming
  • Master's Degree in Computer Science and IT Systems
Alexander Udalov
Co-founder and COO
  • Manages day-to-day operations
  • 30+ years of experience in the ownership and management of hotel facilities
  • Master's Degree in Law
  • Master's Degree in Hospitality Management


What is HKeeper?

HKeeper is a software developed to monitor and manage the workflow of your maintenance and housekeeping while connecting all your department's...

Is HKeeper a PMS?

No. HKeeper is a SaaS that allows you to create, assign and check tasks and interact between all departments in real time.